About Us

Zazu Salon is located in the heart of Regina's Cathedral Village. We are proud to a part of this eclectic business community. We offer an outstanding palette of salon and spa services, including exceptional hair care, massage therapy, and esthetics. Experience a relaxing environment with personal, honest care from our fabulous team of professionals.

Zazu is pleased to welcome Rachel to our hairstyling team! She is our newest apprentice with tons of talent and new ideas. 

Meet the Team

Brittany- Owner & Esthetician 

Describe your personal style:  "Comfortable, business casual"

Style icons, inspiration: "Blake Lively! Even her comfy clothes are stylish!"

In my purse you will find: “Business cards, infinite lipsticks (all basically the same color), and random pieces of jewelry."

Favourite part of your job: “The clients- it doesn't matter if you are here to see me or someone else. Meeting each and every one of you if the highlight of my day!"

Favourite products: “Keune Care 2-Phase Spray! It's everything you need in a bottle- conditioner, thermal spray, a slight hold and it smells amazing!"

On her day off you will find her: “Hanging out with my dog and my husband and probably cleaning. Cleaning calms my nerves!"

Cara - Journeyman Stylist
At Zazu she wins the award for “Most Creative Thinker” and “Connoisseur of Inappropriate Jokes”

Describe your personal style: “Casual and comfy with a stylish edge”

Style icons, inspiration: “Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani’s funky side. Also Kristen Leanne on you tube"

In my purse you will find: “Loose change, candies or mints, and lipstick of course!”

Favourite part of my job: “Meeting interesting people, trying new techniques, and learning something every day.”

Favourite products: “Redken Frizz Dismiss - The whole line is incredible! And Repechage Hydra Dew Illuminating cream mask- my skin says “ahh” every time I put it on!”

On her day off you will find her: “Spending time with my family.”

Nikki - Journeyman Stylist
At Zazu she wins the award for “Grammar Enforcer” and “Professional Problem Solver”
Describe your personal style: “Feminine, classic. At work my wardrobe colour palette is usually inspired by Morticia Addams”

Style icons, inspiration: “Audrey Hepburn; always a put together lady with infectious positivity. A lot of my inspiration comes from the people I surround myself with. My friends, co-workers, and other stylists in the industry.”

In my purse you will find: "A textbook, highlighters, chap stick, millions of bobby pins, and hair product samples. Chances are i've left my phone at home by accident. Again."

Favourite part of your job: “Connecting with so many different people I would have otherwise never met.”

Favourite products: "Living Proof PHD 5 in 1 Styling Treatment. It does exactly what it claims... gives you the Perfect Hair Day! Living Proof PHD dry shampoo lets me get away with not washing my hair... even after a work out!"

On her day off you will find her: “Doing homework, loitering around UofR, hanging out with my cats, or getting talked into doing someone's hair."


Redken Cut and Know Why

Redken Colour and Know Why

Redken Symposium - Las Vegas

Redken Colour Theory

Redken Education Assisting

Living Proof Prodcut Knowledge

Redken For Men: Cutting

 Whitney - Certified Esthetician 

At Zazu she wins the award for “Professional Day Brightener” and “Pun Master”

Describe your personal style: “A shmoz! Some days I am very feminine and others I am more laid back. I tend to mix it up a lot and pull pieces from everywhere that have no rhyme or reason with the other pieces of my wardrobe. I wouldn’t consider myself a stylish person but at least I manage to get myself dressed each day.”

Style icons, inspiration: “My environment and that trendy woman walking down the street.”

In my purse you will find: “Just about anything you need to fuel a small fire… many receipts, 16 lipsticks, my retainer case #adultbracesproblems, rogue bobby pins, a parking ticket, and of course the vitals - money & plastic!”

Favourite part of your job: “I love that my job is a blend of social interaction, creativity, trust, change, and relationship building. I cannot forget my relaxing work environment, the products I work with, the amazing, hilarious beauts I work with, and the fact that people come to see me to escape and feel good - such a cool feeling! As far as my favourite service to give- facials! They are amazingly relaxing to both give and receive. I want everyone to love their skin.”

Favourite products: “Repechage One Minute Exfoliating Mask- This all in one scrub works as a treatment mask or exfoliator to suck up excess oil, improve skin clarity and texture, and leave you oh-so soft. I also love Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate. It smells amazing and tames all my fuzzies.”

On her day off you will find her: “Keeping the couch company, while snuggling with my fur baby, Lily, watching the back of my eyelids or trying to be productive with errands and house work. If I really get adventurous, I will put on a movie and probably fall asleep half way through.”

Amy - Journeyman Hairstylist

Describe your personal style: "Modern and Elegant but also dress for comfort.. i enjoy my new 'mum' wardrobe "

Style icons, inspiration: "Lady Di, Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie… People who love the people, who are for the people and who inspire others to do the same. The world would be a much happier place if we look after each other."

In my purse you will find: "A lot of random but necessary items.. From gum to a lint roller and on occasion, baby wipes."

Favourite part of your job: "Building a relationship with my clients and fellow staff, once we get familar with eachother you become a part of my family."

Favourite products: " I'm enjoying getting to know most of the product lines..its like christmas for a stylist but to pick a couple i would have to say:
-Living Proof fresh cut and split end mender in the Perfect Hair Day line. You know that amazing feeling of getting your hair cut and it has life to it? Well that’s exactly what this product gives you in between salon visits. It ‘Heals and Seals’ and leaves your hair feeling fresh and is also a lightweight product so it can be used on all hair types
- Redken One United spray. This product is an All-in-one multi-benefit treatment it targets Manageability, Protection and Beauty. You can either use this product as a leave-in conditioner or a light weight treatment. One united is my go to Moisturising spray before adding anything else into my client’s hair. Perfect for all seasons, especially winter with its ability to control frizz, fly-aways and its Anti-static technology."

On her day off you will find her: "Enjoying family time, from snuggling my little girl to calling my family back home in Aus."

Amy is a Journeyman stylist with 9 years’ experience.
She relocated from Australia to Canada nearly 3 years ago. She has been in the industry for 10 years and strives to deliver an outstanding end result, particulary with her blondes. Amy enjoys challenging herself everyday. Amy has worked in high end urban, rural and coastal salons opening herself up to the enthusiasm in the work place she loves what she does and sets her goals high. She will always make her clients her main priority and finds great joy in making the unrealistic a reality. Amy looks forward to meeting new people and enjoys building her clientele, nothing beats a familiar smile!

Rachel - Apprentice Hairstylist 

Describe your personal style: "As for my wardrobe, I am fairly neutral and basic. I am normally in a pair of black leggings and a plain colored tee with a cardigan. I dress very easy going so my hair, makeup and accessories are the focal point. It is quite the norm for me to have full glam makeup and hair daily, so combining that with a simple outfit feels more day time appropriate and I feel more approachable!"

Style icons, inspiration: "I actually don’t have any celebrity icons, I would rather pull inspiration from the people around me. Like the women at the salon with me, they all have such full lives outside of the salon, yet are so put together and talented within the salon. They inspire me with their personal style and their unique style behind the chair. It’s pretty cool that I get to apprentice under my style icons, haha!"

In my purse you will find: "A toothbrush and toothpaste, gum, loose dogs treats, 3 different shades of lipstick and about $40 in change. #hairstylistlife

Favorite part of your job: "The best part of this job is that it does not feel like a job. When I have clients in my chair, I always end up talking to them like we are old friends on a coffee date. You know how you feel after a coffee date, relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. So for me it is like being able to do that over and over all day, with different friends from all walks of life. My day flies by, then suddenly I am done. I feel like I have just visited friends all day, while being able to work my craft. And then I go home fulfilled, excited to meet some more new friends tomorrow."

Favorite products: "One of the first products I fell in love with at Zazu was Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo. I have never worked with Living Proof before, and I was immediately sold. The fragrance is so divine and I use this product on clean hair days and dirty hair days. It gives body and texture. Then I finish just about all of my styles with Living Proof Style Lab Shaping Spray. It tames any fly always and locks in texture, which is a big thing for me. If I only had to use two products for the rest of my life, it would be these two."

On her day off you will find her: "Cuddling my fur baby, Kira, on my living room floor."